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We can target your résumé towards the job or industry you desire and update it with changes employers will find desirable.

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Getting a résumé made by Roberta will get you the interview. She knows what employers look for and how to make you the right one for the job.

Roberta Scherrer

Roberta is widely recognized for her unparalleled success in marketing an individual's talents through results-oriented résumés.

Professional Writing Services

Cover Letters

We develop well-written cover letters that will introduce your accomplishments, describe why you are qualified, or emphasize your transferable skills. (Such as how military job training can serve in the civilian job market.) More importantly it explains gaps in employment and encourages an interview.

Application Assistance

We can help you with the long and tedious application process so that you can avoid making common disqualifying mistakes.

Interview Preparation

Make a solid first impression with our interview preparation assistance and individualized coaching.

Payment Options

We offer a wide variety of payment options. Most of our clients spend between one and three hundred dollars to prepare themselves fully.

A small price to invest in getting the job you want.

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We offer our professional services by telephone 209-522-5205, email, and fax nationwide. 


David McC.

 Hi Roberta,
Just wanted to send you a note that your help with my résumé was a godsend. I re-submitted it to a private contractor, an employer that I previously applied to with my old resume. Just to let you know I am about to finish my 2 week of employment on a 90 day probation. Thank you for your help, and the timely return on your magic. Take care, and I will let my friends know about your services.


Hi, Roberta: I really appreciate your looking at my résumé and reducing the amount of words, making it more readable and direct to the point. I was very pleased with the outcome of my résumé. I would recommend to anyone who is having difficulty finding the right words to enhance their résumés should to ask you for help.  

J. Bell

Résumés by Roberta also does professional typing. I have used her ability on more than one occasion for professional documents. I have been extremely happy with the results and I have received many compliments on the work she provided. 


 Robertai, I have given out your name and contact information to call you. Again, thank you for your help and everything looks great. 

Monica S.

 Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with yesterday at The Modesto Hire Event. Meeting you was great and I appreciated your evaluation of my résumé. You were exceptionally honest and helpful. 

Abel M.

 Roberta, Thank you for everything you do & everything you have done to help me fix my résumé. 

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